Virtual Classrooms

Expand the reach of your training that requires attendance verification. eProktor offers third-party certification of actual identity and provides proof of attendance allowing you to generate new, profitable revenues for your online courses. 

Identity Verification

Verify your participant’s actual identity to provide 100% reliability using technology already available.

Our biometric solution allows students to create a secure online identification (eSID) using their webcam. The technology automatically logs them in to your gradebook.

There are no difficult passwords to remember or maintain, and there are not interruptions as there are in two-factor alternatives.

Proof of Attendance

Continual automated monitoring by eProktor provides proof of attendance without the need to take roll, interrupt instruction, or require numerous user interruptions.

Results are automatically logged into your grade book as pass/fail so that you can immediately see and report results.

Automated Reporting

Reports are automatically generated in realtime, allowing you to immediately award certification and accreditation.

Results are available for students to provide employers, regulators or accreditors documentation as requested.

Certificates & Certification

Physical and digital certificates are generated for use in granting credit, awarding promotions, and proving compliance.

Certificates confirm use of third party verification and biometrics to provide a superior solution to regular certificates.