About Us

We know that there is a better, more convenient and cost effective solution to remote testing centers, live webcam monitoring and in-person, facilitator monitored instruction.


We have more than 40 years combined experience delivering online learning solutions to large companies and associations. We’ve pioneered this technology that allows business managers and the entire education and training staff to have confidence in the integrity of cloud-based learning solutions . These innovations provide the reliability of traditional, in-person testing centers with the convenience of anytime and anywhere online learning.

We’ve built online solutions for some of the largest companies and organizations in the world. These innovations benefit more than 5 million unique users.


Because of our experience, we have worked and partnered with industry leaders. Our parnterships allow us to build solutions quickly and to bring new, chasm-crossing innovations to markets and industries.

For more information on how to implement eProktor or become an Innovative Strategic Partner, please contact us.