Online Testing

Cloud-Based Testing

eProktor’s cloud-based biometric solution is the first to offer a cost-effective, secure and scalable way to verify actual identity and monitor test activity automatically


One question that we are often asked is “how do you know a person is who they say they are?” While easily “faked” documents like student ID’s and driver’s licenses are the only line of defense used by in-person and webcam monitered services, eProctor can verify identity against your official registrar or student records.


Whether you administer a test to a single person or to 2,000 simultaneously, eProktor can instantly scale to meet your needs allowing you to “close the loop” and keep test questions and answers secure.

Automated + Live Monitoring

Combine automated proctoring with live monitoring to provide a best-in-class solution.

We can provide the personnel for monitoring or train yours, saving you even more money.

Next Generation

Contact us to see a demonstration of how the future is about to change with the introduction of eProktor’s cloud-based 3D solution.

The next generation emulates real-world test and test prep experience in a 3D cloud-based platform.