Industry Solutions

Insurance Industry

Increase compliance and reduce risk by offering safety and risk management courses online that meet the same identity and attendance requirements as in-person options.

Previously, the benefits associated with training, such as reduction in premium, were only available to companies that could afford to send employees to off-site seminars where identity and attendance could be proven.

Higher Education

Improve the security of your online testing while reducing the cost and increasing convenience.

eProktor allows you to scale your solution and administer tests simultaneously to hundreds reducing the chance of shared answers and cheating.

Automated biometrics can be combined with live monitoring to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Training and Certification

Generate new, profitable revenues by offering the ability to provide third-party proof of identity and attendance for courses that require it.

Add certification as an up-sell to your current courses and deliver higher reliability while protecting the integrity of the coursework and certification.